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Toys to Build (Home Workshop) Paperback - (Used)

Toys to Build (Home Workshop) Paperback - (Used)

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  Those expensive electronic toys come and go, but the toys children really like the best are often the simplest. The plain handmade wooden boat, Train, or circus animal can provide the key that unlocks a young imagination.

You don't have to be a master craftsman or purchase expensive materials. If you can use a saw and a screwdriver, you can make any of these charming toys. For each project, a list of materials indicates how much wood and the kind of hardware you'll need. Exact-size templates for every part make cutting out the wood simplicity itself. And a large, easy-to-grasp exploded diagram shows precisely how to fit the parts together. The introduction also provides handy tips on selection of wood, finishing, and more. Best of all, these sturdy toys will stand up to almost any amount of rough handling. And there are no batteries to replace! This Item is in Good Used Condition.

This is a Preowned Paperback Book - In Good Condition. Please see pictures has book has signs of shelfware and staining on the back.